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Birria in Murrieta, CA

If you’re hungry for something authentic and homemade, our birria is a must. We slow roast our birria and pair it with consome, a rich, brothy, flavorful stew. There is no better combination than taking your birria taco, full of cilantro, onions, and salsa, and dunking it in consome, letting it soak up the delicious juices. Call us today at Que Barbaro Tacos for fresh birria tacos that are out of this world. We do our best to bring you the best. Our catering service can bring tasty birria, quesadillas, and more to your event in the Murrieta, CA area.

We provide you with one-of-a-kind flavors and foods so you can curb your cravings for any occasion. Call today to order delicious tacos! We offer taco catering throughout the Murrieta, CA area.

Image by Jesse Cortez
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